Sutradhar Institute of 
Dance & Related Arts 
~ Camp Ramayana is a month-long summer camp for children aged 5 and above. Each session culminates in a stage performance by the students of this breathtaking 2000-year old epic.

~ The epic is introduced through story-telling, martial arts, yoga, mask-making, Sanskrit (the language of the epic), poetry, rangoli (floor painting) and creative writing

~ The camp has been operating for nearly 30 years, with children returning year after year, first attending as junior campers and then later as camp counselors.

~ Each year the campers define the story in their own termsSome write their own scripts, some redesign props, while others create mini-videos with their own twist on the classic The value of justice, peaceful government and gentle character in both men and women, is given its due, with the children weighing in with opinions of their own.

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Camper Quotes:

"I think the class is interesting because it let's you practice dance but makes it fun.  Plus you get to draw the story and imagine you are writing a book."
~Leela Brennig

"I like the story telling because it is fun."
~Ranvita Sen

"I also like story telling because it gives everyone a chance to have fun and draw."
~Alma Wong

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