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Pandemic Hues

Inspired by Anila Kumari

Partnered with the ROW Foundation (Rivers of the World) - Pandemic Hues: Poetry, Paint and Dance highlights perspectives of hope for our world today. Original visual art, essay and dance on the topic of living through a pandemic are presented together with reflections on our sacred river systems. Students listened sat under the magnolia tree, and listened to stories about goddess Ganga of the water, Durga, of the protective mother divine.  As they listened, they created their art as an affirmation of how they saw Covid and more importantly, themselves - like the river, flowing on.

"Faith is the Bird that feel the light and sings when the dawn is still dark" - Rabindranath Tagore
Striking a pose as Ganesha.
Mireya, 8 years
Drawing the meaning of the story of Ganga, goddess of water.
Priya, 13 years
I found memory  was within the joy of these colors.
Rohan Ashby, 22
Every time I think of Sita, she reminds that Nature is a friend.    No matter what Sita did she did it peacefully. and even the animals came to her without fear.
Veena Kannan, 12 years
- "I find myself at the center of my own universe in this mandala lotus; leaving fear behindAnya Vedentambe 
Amarteya Shourie
Diya Breeding, 9 years - Sita wears a crown.  I like to draw her more anime style because everything looks better. I want to learn how to dance her dance when I am old enough.
Amartiya, 7 years
Anila Kumari, dancer
What began as a gentle Lakshmi sketched in black pen, with a benevolent elephant flanking her, turned gradually into a Durga with wild, curling hair and sitting under a tree.  Seekers  from generations past flow through and around her. She is a reminder that the pandemic does not have any power other than what I gvie it.  Anila Kumari, dancer
Anxiety inducing Covid crowding me.; and those feelings had to rise.  I saw that life is like the phoenix but to come back from the ashes you have took at the brighter side.  I started drawing  Sita who walked through fire.  The fire never  touched her.  To me she is like a Phoenix .  Her courage created courage in me.  Fear does not have to manipulate me.  Do the rivers stop flowing?  No.  Covid cant stop us.  Goddess Ganga its on top of the crocodile; and I sit on top of my thoughts.  Arya Das, 10 years
Set me up into that pandemic. Sit me up quivering in a cage.  Time stopped, moments spaced; another relapse....who has a hug for me?  I have forgotten how my skin feels.  Yet out the window I see the sun soak through the clouds and feel its warmth on my soul.  Ganga a goddess unafraid, pours out a rhythm for me so that I can shake Covid's barbed wire off. I can dance beyond the limitations and set myself free. Sephira Amen. 16 years
Maya Brennig
Lily Henry Austin
Like Ganga who is both a river and a goddess, I flow through the obstacles like Covid.  I love to draw, dance and dream of architecture.  The choice I make every day is to see myself like a phoenix, full of gold, and then I rise.  
Zoe Quezada, 10 years
I am beyond limits that test my hope.  I am beyond barriers that threaten to take away honor.  Covid cannot rob me of my friendship and love.  I know that I am hardworking, brave, smart and loyal which are the qualities I stand by in the lotus petals of life.
Amelie, 11 years
Mrinali Giovantonne, 4 years - Sita building a hut with a pink out house and polkadots because the bathroom is where she finds peace.
Riya Devi Ashby
Arya Das